FPL in a nutshell

Fantasy premier league consists of choosing 15 players from the different teams that participate in the English Premier League to compose your team that will earn points along the football season in the Premier League according to the following rules:

  • The total budget is initially set at 100£ where each player has a price determined by the player’s strengths
  • The total of fifteen players selected should consist of : 2 goalkeepers …

According to Forbes article “The Next Generation Of Artificial Intelligence” published on the 12th of October 2020, federated learning is a becoming a hot topic in AI due to the wealth of data alongside the compulsory need to preserve privacy while dealing with personal information

Definition and context

Machine learning models require a huge amount of data, however for a lot of business sectors and cases, obtaining data can be very hard, tricky and even costly due to privacy and sensitivity aspects. …

Really clear article about the importance of using SARIMAX when many predictors evolve over time and we are trying to predict an particular output

Ziad Nader

Data Scientist in the making with interests in sports analytics

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